Key concepts

Last updated 07/20/2021


The Weav API documentation uses the term merchant for any business using a commerce platform.

To access a merchant's commerce data, the merchant first needs to grant permission and authenticate with their commerce platform account, as described in Merchant Provisioning. To start provisioning new merchants you will need production Weav API credentials, please contact us.

Commerce platform

A commerce platform, or vendor as it is refered to in our API endpoints, is a software provider which enables businesses to accept payments and interact with customers, either online or offline. Commerce platforms differ in approaches and tools, and encapsulate a wide range of platforms, such as selling platforms, payment gateways, subscription management platforms, and online marketplaces.

Weav abstracts away the differences between the commerce platforms through a unified data model, making it easy to build new products serving SMB and eCommerce merchants.

Weav currently supports integrations for Stripe, Shopify and Square.